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Welcome to AWSA's bi-weekly newsletter! Below you will find our most recent edition of the AWSA Update Bulletin. Located on the side you will find current and past articles, current events and sponsor information.  

October 9th Edition

October is National Principals Month: 
What Do We Know About Attracting, Retaining and Growing Great Leaders

by Jim Lynch, Executive Director, Association of Wisconsin School Administrators (AWSA)

School principals influence the school culture and the instructional quality of whole systems of teachers.[i] Leaders’ effect on students contributes to twenty-five percent of the total school influences on students’ academic performance.[ii] Therefore, school districts have an enormous interest to attract, retain and continually improve strong school leaders. 

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Should AWSA Hold a PK-12 Convention? A Case Study in Competing Goals

by Jim Lynch, Executive Director, Association of Wisconsin School Administrators (AWSA)

Prior to 2011, AWSA offered a PK-12 Annual Convention every October during “teacher convention” days. Until that time, a majority of school districts scheduled a two-day holiday so that teachers could attend WEAC’s annual Convention. 

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October is National Principals Month

This October AWSA staff join State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor and Governor Tony Evers in thanking Wisconsin school principals and associate principals for all that they do.
Successful schools depend on successful leadership. Principals serve as pillars of their school community often with no expectation for recognition or praise. Thank you for your dedicated service to your students and community. Your commitment to school excellence is what helps our teachers and students thrive. 
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For more ideas on how to celebrate the National Principals Month website includes ideas and tools for celebrating school leaders.

2020 Associate Principals Conference 

Registration is open for AWSA’s 2020 Associate Principals Conference, January 29-31, 2020 at the Hilton City Center in Milwaukee. Keynote speaker Brian Mendler will open the conference on ways to overcome behaviorally challenging students and Salome Thomas-EL will close the conference on how to implement the four C’s of school success. 

In addition, the conference features over twenty pre-conference and concurrent sessions on today’s most pressing issues.