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 Welcome to AWSA's biweekly newsletter! Below you will find the our most recent edition of the AWSA Update Bulletin. Located on the side you will find current and past articles, current events and sponsor information.  

August 16th Edition 

The Purposeful Principalship

by Pete Hall, Executive Director, Education Hall 

What is the principal’s job? A better question might be this: What is the purpose of the principalship? Over the past few decades, the primary responsibilities of the school principal have shifted significantly, from one who focuses on the 3 B’s (budgets, buildings, and buses) to one who focuses on the status of learning and teaching. The follow-up question, then, is obvious: What should a principal do in order to positively impact learning and teaching in a schoolhouse?

In a 2015 article for Educational Leadership, John Hattie, author of the mega meta-analysis Visible Learning, revealed a truth about education approaches and practices: almost everything works…to some extent. The key is to identify which strategies yield greater results than the other options available, given the intended goals, learning context, and student needs. This requires teachers to be aware, discriminating, intentional, and deeply reflective. Principals can – and must – create an environment in which this happens, so that learning and teaching can flourish.

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How Ready are You for ACP Implementation?  Probably More So Than You Think

by Kevin Miller, School Innovation Consultant

If you are reading this because you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to another of those dreaded, unfunded state mandates, then definitely read on.  If you’re committed to implementing ACP in the best possible manner for your students and not looking for shortcuts and easy (but ineffective) solutions, then this article is for you, too.  And if you’re thinking that “maybe this article will validate that we’re already well on our way to effective ACP implementation,” then you certainly want to click on the “Read more” link because you may be ready but have a bit more to think about.

So, can one, relatively brief, article really address people in all these situations or is that just a clever (or maybe not even that clever) ruse to drag you down a rabbit’s hole.  I wholeheartedly (cross my heart and hope to die) believe you will find valuable insights in this article regardless of where you believe your district and school are at as far as ACP implementation.

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Annual Notices Information

Last month, the Boardman& Clark Law Firm released this helpful chart of annual notices required under state and federal law.

Numerous state and federal laws require school districts to provide notices to students, parents, and/or the public. This attached chart lists state and federal laws and regulations that require districts to provide notice of a policy, procedure, or form. These notices vary as to when they must be provided; however, many notices must be provided at the beginning of the school year. While many of these notices have been around for years, the requirements of the notices occasionally are changed or new notices are added. Many of the federal agencies or Wisconsin's Department of Public Instruction have created "model" notices or provide information useful to creating notices that could easily be tailored to meet each district's individual needs. 

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Focus on the Early Years: Promoting School Readiness and Reducing the Achievement Gap 

by Sherry W. Kimball, Statewide Coordinator, WI Model Early Learning Standards & Sr. Outreach Specialist, Early Childhood, UW Madison

It is well documented that brain development in the early years (birth thru five years) is directly correlated to the types of experiences and interactions that children have with others.  These interactions play a vital role in shaping the developing brain.  If interactions are positive, the brain develops a solid foundation for lifelong learning.  On the contrary, less than optimal experiences may result in a weaker foundation that may impede learning and one’s ability to navigate the complexities of the world. 

The importance of the developing brain from birth thru five years cannot be understated.  Research shows that a key way to foster this development is through the provision of high quality early childhood programs. High quality programs promote all areas of child development, fostering a foundation for “school readiness”, and, they play a vital role in reducing the achievement gap.     

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2017 Associate Principal of the Year Award

The 2017 Associate Principal of the Year award is now accepting nominations! The Wisconsin Associate Principal of the Year program recognizes Associate Principals whose leadership has resulted in improved student learning, instructional collaboration, and a safe and positive school environment. Nominations are accepted from teachers, parents, principals, and others across Wisconsin. Specific information regarding the Associate Principals of the Year award is available here.

To nominate an associate principal please fill out the nomination form and have it emailed to Jena Sebald at jenasebald@awsa.org by October 1, 2017. 

The 2018 Outstanding Wisconsin Leadership Award is Open for Nominations

AWSA and the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation is celebrating its third year of providing fellowships for principals and their schools. The 12 public school Kohl Leadership Award recipients and the 12 schools of those principals will each receive $6,000 grants from the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation and will be recognized at a spring banquet.

These awards recognize the importance of exceptional school leaders who help provide successful school environments for students and faculty members. Specific information regarding the Outstanding Wisconsin Leadership fellowship is available here. For any questions please contact Jena Sebald at jenasebald@awsa.org