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October 11th Edition 

#TakeAKnee: Guidance for Principals on Free Speech at Athletic and Other School Events 

by Malina Piontek, Attorney, LLC

Last year, Colin Kaepernick took a knee instead of standing during the National Anthem to protest social injustice and police brutality.  Other professional athletes followed suit and began taking a knee during the Anthem. The President tweeted on how players should stand during the anthem and the protests took off. Coaches and even owners have joined in.  Now, cameras are focused on athletes during the playing of the National Anthem, giving viewers an immediate look at who’s protesting and who’s not.

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When You Say Coaching, We Say...

by Debra Ahrens, SPDG Project Director

Walk through the doors of any Wisconsin school today, and you will see educators working long hours to improve outcomes for the students they serve. When presented with the task of incorporating new initiatives and practices, even after significant professional learning and training, those same teachers often feel overwhelmed. Moving from training to successful implementation is unlikely if teacher support stops with learning about a new practice.

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Harnessing Cognitive Dissonance: Leading Deep Change to Benefit Every Student

By Joe Schroeder, PhD Associate Executive Director, AWSA

Cognitive dissonance is defined as the mental discomfort experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideals, or values. As leaders in education, we care about cognitive dissonance because this discomfort is essential to any deep transformation or change. And I contend there is no more daunting or worthwhile challenge in education than leading transformation that will promote equitable conditions for all students. I also contend (and kindly offer) that the current design of most schools, particularly in how we group students, contradicts such student-centered aims. Therefore, if we are serious about deep change, we need to clearly illuminate such approaches of our daily work and structures that are in contradiction to our stated beliefs and ideals. This is never easy to do, but it is where the growth is. And one of the key reasons that transformational leaders are able to excel in the first place is their ability to “get comfortable about living in discomfort” -- and helping others they lead and serve do the same. This article will share one component of last month’s launch of AWSA’s Leading for Equity Academy (LEA) in Eau Claire and Madison, which prompted cognitive dissonance in many participants so that they can better promote equity and excellence for all back home.

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Licensing Changes 

by David DeGuire, DPI

As you likely know, there have been many changes to licensing rules over the past year.  If I were still a middle school principal, here are the things I would most want to share with my staff, plus things that can better address staffing challenges.

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 September 27th Poll Results

The k-12 2017-19 education budget has been moved forward and in this weeks Update Bulletin, you'll see a few pieces specifically addressed that may impact principals the most. In this weeks poll, please identify which area will positively impact your current work, focus or priorities the most.