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Welcome to AWSA's bi-weekly newsletter! Below you will find our most recent edition of the AWSA Update Bulletin. Located on the side you will find current and past articles, current events and sponsor information.  

February 15th Edition 

AWSA Update

ACT 20 Update

This article includes updates on ACT 20 implementation, including a trailer bill that would eliminate the requirement to administer the first assessment in the 2024-25 school year.  Read more here.

Contact Your Legislators Today on AB 1050/SB 955 to Allow the Office of School Safety to Maintain Operation

AB 1050/SB 955 was introduced to fund the continued operations of the Wisconsin Office of School Safety (OSS) through September 2025. This funding extension will allow the OSS to continue its work to proactively assist schools, prevent violence from occurring, mitigate trauma, and respond effectively if a crisis event does occur to promote recovery. Continued funding is needed as the OSS was not funded in the 2023-25 budgetRead more here.

New CDC Mental Health Action Guide

Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being in Schools: An Action Guide for School and District Leaders can help schools build on what they are already doing to promote students’ mental health and find new strategies to fill in gaps. Read more here.

Mental Health Services in IEPs

In a comprehensive school mental health system, the continuum of mental health supports includes a universal approach to mental health promotion where every student has access to services and activities that promote wellbeing. This continuum of system-wide proactive and responsive supports is built to match students’ mental health, behavioral, social, and emotional strengths and needs. For students identified with a disability under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), it is important for teams to incorporate these services into their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Read more here.

Registration is Open for the School Administrative Assistants Conference

Please encourage your administrative assistant to register for the School Administrative Assistants’ Conference July 24-25, 2024 at the Madison Marriott West.