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October 5th Edition 

AWSA Update

October is National Principal’s Month: The Importance of Principal Tenure

Last May, researchers Sarah Guthery and Lauren Bailes published Building Experience and Retention: the Influence of Principal Tenure on Teacher Retention Rates, which found that principals hire significantly more teachers who persist after they have led their first school for five or more years when compared to their peers. Read more here.

The BRIDGE Program: How We Created a Behavioral Intervention Program for Students

Many school districts have added deescalation spaces to their schools in recent years and the Wausau School District is no different. During the 2018-2019 school year, John Muir Middle School was the first building to adopt what we call the “BRIDGE” program. Read more here.

Adolescent Literacy Series: Main Idea, Details and Summary

As part of the series on The Seven Proficiencies, this article focuses on the main idea, details and summary. Besides academic vocabulary, I cannot think of a cross-curricular skill that is most often used in the classroom, in college, and in the world of work. Read more here.

The Wisconsin School Mental Health Framework: Shifting Perspectives about Mental Health

For many years, Wisconsin communities have worked to support mental health in the school setting. Oftentimes these efforts have focused on providing mental health treatment or other services aimed at addressing mental health challenges. Despite these efforts, disparities persist in student mental health outcomes across the state. Read more here.

Who Can Help Me Engage Educators and School Leaders With Student Data?

The WISExplore team, composed of CESA and DPI consultants,  actively engages educators with data inquiry processes to build capacity for effective data use. The ultimate goal is for educators to design and implement culturally responsive continuous improvement based on their analyses. The WISExplore Team builds expertise with Data Specialists located in each CESA, who are empowered to work directly with your school or district to meet your unique data inquiry needs. Read more here.