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Welcome to AWSA's bi-weekly newsletter! Below you will find our most recent edition of the AWSA Update Bulletin. Located on the side you will find current and past articles, current events and sponsor information. 

June 5th Edition

AWSA Update

The AWSA Update Bulletin is ending the school year with a reminder about upcoming professional learning and the most-read articles of 2023-24.  

Investing in Your Growth to Lead Continuous Improvement

In our most recent Membership Satisfaction Survey, members expressed the greatest interest in in-depth professional learning on leading continuous improvement.

AWSA has three career-stage academies focused on leading to improve student outcomes for each career stage (Launching, Building, and Mastering), as well as three academies focused on particular high-leverage leadership practices (Impactful Coaching, Leading PLCs, and Climate Catalyst).

Invest in one of these academies that provide the depth of learning necessary to improve leadership practices that translate into improved student outcomes.  This Table is helpful in selecting the academy most aligned with your needs and the needs of your school administrators.

With Whom Do You Stand?

Published: August 23, 2023 

As we end a new school year and reflect on its many opportunities and challenges, a rousing question to ponder is, with whom do you stand?  Who is the student or population of students within your community regularly misunderstood, most in need of an ally? How can you help their voices be heard, appreciated, and encouraged? Read more.

The 2024-25 District Leaders Calendar is Now Available!

Use this calendar to maximize your time.  Click here for a printer-friendly version. Want to customize it? Open the Google Doc, make a copy, and edit it to fit your needs!

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