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Welcome to AWSA's bi-weekly newsletter! Below you will find our most recent edition of the AWSA Update Bulletin. Located on the side you will find current and past articles, current events and sponsor information. 

May 31st Edition

AWSA Update

The AWSA Update Bulletin is ending the school year with the four most-read articles of 2022-23.  

Force Multipliers for Your Leadership: Leveraging and Aligning Your People, Purposes, and Aims (April 2023)

April is a time when thoughtful principals demonstrate bifocal leadership. That is, each spring, school leaders take a set of actions that are “near-sighted" (ensuring the current school year finishes well) while also pursuing others that are “far-sighted” (organizing for success in the year yet to come).  This article focuses on the latter, equipping you with thoughtful “far-sighted” leadership actions so that next school year is your best one yet. Read more here.

The Role of a Building Leader as the  “Supervisor” of Professional Staff (March 2023)

Principals and associate principals, as building leaders, are consistently involved in supporting and growing their professional staff, whether that be through the Educator Effectiveness process or more informal coaching/mentoring.  However, there are frequently instances when the principal or assistant principal must put on a different “hat” and become the “supervisor” of a professional employee and play an entirely different role from that of professional development.  Read more here.

Common Questions Regarding Administrative Leave During a Workplace Investigation (February 2023)

The term “administrative leave” is often used in the employment setting, particularly in the context of high-stakes workplace investigations.This article is designed to answer frequently asked questions on what administrative leave is, when it could be considered, and the potential ramifications of placing someone on administrative leave. Read more here.

Administrators and the Rules for Rehired Annuitants (May 2023)

With the hiring shortages facing Wisconsin school districts, retired and retiring school district administrators may be considering whether they should offer to serve much-needed vacancies for administrator positions.  This article serves as a reminder regarding the requirements for doing so related to the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS). Read more here.

Are You Retiring?

If you are retiring this year, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]. We’d like to include you in our recognition announcement and also share with you information about retired membership with AWSA.