Coaching for School Leaders

Choosing to work with an AWSA coach will provide support for change leadership, workforce management, raising consciousness, and helping a school leader be reflective on their impact. 

Trained coaches are available to support school leaders across the state. Hear what principals that have had AWSA coaches have to say! 

"I thought having a coach would help me solve instructional and operations situations I had been working on.  I didn't realize having a coach would help me explore my leadership development and have such a positive impact on me and the people I work with.  My coach has become a trusted advisor who is my thought partner and collaborator.  It has been a wonderful experience."

"Having a coach for my first few years as a Principal has been invaluable as it provides a safe space for me to ask questions, seek guidance, and receive formative feedback from an experienced leader. My coach has helped me to focus my time and efforts on the right things, identifying where I need to lean in and apply leverage versus where I need to step back or delegate so others can use their strengths. While I am a firm believer in coaching, I must admit that I was reluctant to take on "another thing" in my schedule. I can honestly say that meetings with my coach, often over food and drink after a long day at work, quickly became something that I look forward to each month. AWSA Coaching is one of the best forms of Professional Development I have ever experienced."

Choose the option that works best for you! Rates listed are on an annual basis. 




Monthly $1,500 


Monthly $1,000 


Every other month $800 


Every other month $550 

To apply for a coach, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions about coaching, please contact Tammy Gibbons at 
[email protected] or call the AWSA office at 608-241-0300. 

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