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School leaders in Wisconsin join AWSA to learn and grow at every stage of their career. AWSA is how leaders come together to improve the professional and advocate for all students. 

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  • AWSA is made up of over 2,200 members
  • Our organization was founded in 1978 (when the secondary and elementary school principal organizations merged)
  • AWSA members include principals, associate principals, other school and district leaders (e.g., directors, assistant superintendents)
  • Over 90% of Wisconsin school districts pay AWSA dues because they recognize the investment in leadership capacity
  • 99% of respondents from our 2020 Membership Satisfaction Survey said they were satisfied with AWSA membership and 96% would recommend AWSA to another school administrator.

Services At-A-Glance

Professional Learning

• Statewide  
• Relevant  
• Practical 
• At each level of K-12 education  
• At each stage of your leadership career

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Information & Resources  

• Wisconsin Education News
• The Marshall Memo
• AWSA's Newsletter
• The Main Idea
• Communications Support

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Information and Networking Forums

• Elementary Leaders Forum
Associate Principals Forum 
• Middle & High School Leaders Forum 
• District Learning Leader Forum  

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Career Center

• Job Openings 
• Posting a Job Opening 
• Contract Support

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• SAA Advocacy at the State Legislature and the DPI
• Lobbying by AWSA's Executive Director
• National Advocacy through NAESPNASSP and other
national education organizations

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 Legal Service

• Attorney Phone Consultation
• Financial Assistance

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 Job-Related Counseling & Support

• Professional Information & Advice from AWSA's Executive Staff
• Networking opportunities at conferences, workshops,
and regional events

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