March 23rd Edition

AWSA Update

School Administrative Assistants Conference: July 27-28 in Stevens Point

Please encourage your administrative assistant to save the date for the School Administrative Assistants’ Conference July 27-28, 2022, in Stevens Point.  Registration will open on April 4th. 

Leadership GPS:  Five Tools for Finding Your Pathway Forward

COVID was an unprecedented series of gut punches, with leaders often struggling just to keep the lid on the place.  So how do we now help our schools and communities emerge to a better future?  In short, how do we reclaim and deepen our identities as leaders of transformation through all the trials and complexity?  This article will highlight five tools that you and your teams can use to promote reflection, find focus, build coherence, identify leverage points, and grow commitment to a better pathway forward. Read more

Bouncing Back From Burnout

A few years ago, I BURNED OUT. Before that point, I loved planning curriculum and instruction, building relationships with students, volunteering to lead clubs and special events, and collaborating with colleagues. But then I started to hate all aspects of my job. I become angry, demoralized, and tired.  The experience of burning out taught me.  Read More

Teacher Contract Renewal and Nonrenewal 

Unlike the administrator nonrenewal statute which allows school boards to enter into two-year contracts with principals, and even have extensions to those contracts, the teacher nonrenewal statute only allows schools boards to enter into one-year contracts with teachers. Therefore, by law, the renewal/refusal to renew teacher contracts is an annual undertaking for administrators and it is vitally important for principals to have a solid understanding of the statutory teacher nonrenewal process.  Read More

Online Learning:  An Opportunity to Address Student Readiness & Retention (3 or 4)

There are a range of reasons why school districts choose to explore online learning as an option for students; however, these reasons can typically fit within one of three categories - Retention, Readiness, and Reach. The second article in this series addressed Reach and the opportunity to provide students choice in their learning.  This installment will focus on the remaining two reasons “why” districts gravitate towards online learning - Retention and Readiness.  Read More



March 9th Edition

AWSA Update

AWSA Joins Business and Education Leaders Calling for State Policy Makers to Support Our Children

Last week, AWSA joined education and business organizations, including the Milwaukee Bucks and Brewers, in advocating that state policymakers use a portion of the state’s $5.5 billion surplus to provide an inflationary increase of $343 per pupil and raise the state’s reimbursement rate for students with disabilities to 50%. Please see the coalition’s letter here.

WI Educator Development, Support, and Retention Survey Open Now

The Wisconsin Educator Development, Support, and Retention (WEDSR) survey is open from now until June 1st. The survey covers a number of important topics, including school climate, educator effectiveness, feedback, job satisfaction, and equity. Schools and districts with a response rate of at least 35% will have free access to the WEDSR Data Dashboard, which presents local data that may be used as part of school improvement and priority planning. Read More

A Legal Update on the Rights of Transgender Students

This Update Bulletin will provide a legal update on a variety of issues faced by school principals when dealing with transgender students. Make no mistake about it, these are controversial issues arising in the current politically charged times. Protecting transgender students’ rights, and creating a safe place for them at school could put principals squarely in the crosshairs of parents and community members who disagree with what’s happening at school, be it professional development or honoring a student’s choice of pronouns. Read More

DPI Recommendations for Network Security Training

One of the biggest causes of data breaches is human error. The actions of users can cause incidents of mishandling sensitive data, whether it be opening an infected email attachment, using weak passwords, losing a laptop or other portable device, or simply sending an email with sensitive data to the wrong person. Providing an effective security awareness training program for employees can help minimize breaches and cyber-attacks, which can be costly to schools and disruptive to student learning. Read More

Are You Retiring This Year?

If you are retiring this year, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]. We’d like to include you in our recognition announcement and also share with you information about retired membership with AWSA.

MEEMIC Grants Available in March

March 2022 PopIn2Win Grant

  • 90 winners will be selected to receive the 54-Tube Boomwhackers Classroom Pack

  • Application deadline is March 31, 2022

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 Meemic Masterpieces For Your Safety Student Art & Video Contest

  • Up to 52 student winners will be selected to receive a HP Chromebooks and the nominated Club Member will receive $300 for school supplies

  • Application deadline is March 31, 2022

  • To ENTER TO WIN visit