June 1st Edition

The AWSA Update Bulletin is ending the school year with the four most-read articles of 2021-22.  

AWSA Update

Leading for Equity: Our Mission Continues Despite CRT Turmoil (October 2021)

In a state where educational outcome gaps between Black and White students have been persistently among the worst in the country (and where educational outcomes for Brown students, students experiencing poverty, students receiving special education services, multilingual students, etc. can be equally concerning), many Wisconsin districts have been focusing on eliminating existing inequities recently and been met with strident community uproar.  Given the importance of such work to our collective educational mission and the growing trend of heated political division from national to local arenas on such issues, the AWSA Board of Directors chose Leading for Equity as its learning focus for the current school year.  This article will highlight some of the early learning of this effort. Read More.

Issues Surrounding Student Preferred Names (January 2022)

Today, students are advocating for themselves and requesting preferred names and pronouns within the school setting. Districts are receiving requests such as a nickname, a preferred name of the opposite gender identity, or pronouns that better define the student. The questions of parental involvement or consent as to such changes also enter the picture. Wisconsin school administrators are seeking assistance with such requests because, at this time, federal and state laws do not provide many answers. Read More

A Legal Update on the Rights of Transgender Students (March 2022)

This Update Bulletin will provide a legal update on a variety of issues faced by school principals when dealing with transgender students. Make no mistake about it, these are controversial issues arising in the current politically charged times. Protecting transgender students’ rights, and creating a safe place for them at school could put principals squarely in the crosshairs of parents and community members who disagree with what’s happening at school, be it professional development or honoring a student’s choice of pronouns. Read More

Lead AND Live: Leveraging Technology to Achieve Work/Life Balance (December 2021)

I am a school principal and I have a confession to make. Every Sunday I would feel this ache in my gut thinking about the week ahead. Most mornings, I experienced that same feeling, almost dreading the day. I gained weight and saw the results of my annual biometric screening deteriorate. I decided it was time for a change and took three actions that have allowed me to be an effective leader AND live my best life. Read more.