Wisconsin Education Leaders of Color Collaborative


The WI EdLOCC exists to realize the vision of an educational workforce that is representative of the racial/ethnic diversity of our students and eradicates the racial gaps in student performance and opportunity access in Wisconsin.

Mission Statement:

The WI EdLOCC provides intentional opportunities for leaders of color to network, engage in professional learning, and advocate for the advancement and diversification of the profession to positively impact student social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

Purpose Statement:

The WI EdLOCC is an intentional space that prioritizes and honors the well-being, development, experiences, and expertise of leaders of color, while advocating for a more just and equitable educational system.


The WI EdLOCC meets in-person 4 times per year:

  • July: Annual Meeting
  • October: Site Visits and Professional Learning
  • January: Retreat
  • April: Site Visits and Professional Learning

Cost: FREE for AWSA members

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