AWSA Staff

 Jim Lynch Photo

Jim Lynch, Executive Director
 [email protected] 

(608) 241-0300

Contact Jim for:

  • Legal Issues: Call Jim if you have a question about AWSA's Legal Assistance Program, if you have a specific legal question please contact the AWSA attorney using the contact information on our Legal Support page. 
  • Regulatory Issues, Education Policy, and Advocacy
  • AWSA Outreach and Member Satisfaction
  • AWSA Committee Communications
  • Administrator Contract Issues
  • AWSA Conference Planning
  • AWSA Governance
 Joe Schroeder

Joe Schroeder, PhD, Associate Executive Director
[email protected] 

(608) 729-6656

Contact Joe for:

  • Professional Development and Delivery
  • School Administrators Institute for Leadership (SAIL)
  • Questions Related to Educational Best Practice
  • Managing to Lead
 Tammy Gibbons Photo

Tammy Gibbons, Director of Professional Learning
[email protected]

(608) 729-6662

Contact Tammy for:

  • Professional Development
  • Coaching 
  • Information Services
 Yari Rodriguez

Yaribel RodriguezDirector of Urban Leadership 
[email protected]

(608) 729-6642

Contact Yaribel for:

  • Information and Professional Learning Services for Urban Leaders
  • AWSA's liaison to the Urban Leaders Institute

Steve Schroeder, Director of Administration & Analysis
[email protected]

(608) 729-6655

Contact Steve for:

  • Administrative Questions
  • General Information
  • Building Questions
  • Corporate Support Program Information
  • Association Questions
 Kathy Gilbertson Photo

Kathy Gilbertson, Convention & Conference Planner | Exhibitor Coordinator
 [email protected]

(608) 241-0300

Contact Kathy for:

  • Convention and Conference Logistical Detailing
  • Event Speaker Information
  • Exhibit Show Logistics
  • Logistical Detailing for Professional Learning Academies and Workshops 
 Robin Photo

Robin Herring, Coordinator of Operations and Membership
[email protected]

(608) 729-6637

Contact Robin for: 

  • Membership & Event Registration/Payment Questions
  • Information about Outstanding Invoices
  • Team Registrations
  • Meeting Schedule/Agendas

Norene Hooker, Administrative Assistant 
[email protected]

(608) 729-6636

Contact Norene for:

  • Registration and event questions
  • Administrative questions
  • General information 
  • Accounts Payable 

Katie Lowe, Coordinator of Communications and Technology
[email protected]

(608) 729-6639

Contact Katie for:

  • AWSA Information Services, including the Update newsletter
  • AWSA website
  • Member Forums
  • Recognition Programs (Associate Principal and Principal of the Year Award) 


Malina Piontek, Attorney, LLC

Malina Piontek is retained by the AWSA to provide legal advice on professional
and job-related questions. To find out more visit our Legal Support page. 

Joe Donovan, President, the Donovan Group

The Donovan Group helps you assess your school’s communications
and provides support to improve your website, newsletter and social media. To
find out more visit our Communications Support page. 

Member Emergency Contact Information

If you are an AWSA member who has a serious situation that needs immediate attention or the situation happens when AWSA offices are closed please click here.