Professional Learning That Sticks Webinar

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If ever we needed our staff to grow, it’s now.

The best professional learning does not come from outside consultants – it is home grown. I will share a simple four-step process for designing professional learning (PL) sessions that stick. Come with an idea for a PL session and we will brainstorm ideas together.

I will also share a tool to help you with the most neglected part of professional learning – evaluating it. How do you know if it worked? You will walk away with 2 tools and 5 strategies to improve professional learning at your school.

Time and Date:

August 2, 2021
1:00 - 2:00 pm CST
Via Zoom
Free to Attend 

Jenn David-Lang Bio: 

Photo of Jenn David LangJenn David-Lang has worked as a teacher, school administrator, consultant, and founder of educational organizations for more than twenty-five years. Over time, she noticed that school leaders had little time for their own professional growth, so in 2007, Jenn founded The Main Idea

Her subscribers receive a thorough summary of an education book each month, connecting them with the latest and most compelling ideas on leadership, teaching, and learning. When Jenn is not up to her ears in books, she facilitates Masterminds (online groups of educational leaders learning together), gives workshops, coaches educational leaders, and conducts school evaluations.