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Meeting the rising mental health needs of school communities is an increasing challenge for education leaders.  The Mental Health and Resilience (MHR) Academy is designed to grow capacity in Wisconsin’s School Mental Health Framework and related efforts.  The overall goal is to equip leaders with easy-to-access resources, tools, and application examples so that relevant, local action can be thoughtfully implemented and monitored. 

In order to leverage the impact on the local school community, participants are encouraged to register in teams of three or more leaders, which include school-level administrators, student services team members, and, potentially, district-level administrators.

Cost: $399 for AWSA members and $539 for non-members

Wisconsin school leaders will be reimbursed up to 75% of the registration fee for completing an eligible Academy (will not be less than 50%). Reimbursement is limited and will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis and eligibility is limited to licensed and practicing public or private school administrators. Registration must be paid in full by November 30, 2019. Reimbursements will be processed at the completion of the Academy.

If you are not certain if you qualify for this reimbursement or if you have questions, please call the AWSA office at 608-241-0300. You can also find out more in our 2019-20 Professional Learning Catalog (coming soon!)

Knowledge Objectives:

  1. Develop foundational knowledge in the three components of Wisconsin’s School Mental Health Framework:
    1. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
    2. Trauma-Sensitive Schools (TSS)
    3. Compassion Resilience (CR)
  2. Examine how providing mental health supports impacts school climate, school safety, and academic achievement.
  3. Understand key system features of MLSS (Multi-Level Systems of Supports) and how they interface in addressing student mental health.
  4. Learn how to strategically select and implement universal concepts in a way that is meaningful and manageable.
  5. Identify tools and resources that support a local action plan.

Practice Objectives:

  1. Conduct a mental health / wellness audit and identify entry points at both the school and community level.
  2. Facilitate the integration of a selected mental health component (e.g., TSS) into at least one existing local improvement strategy.
  3. Identify and use evidence-informed assessment tools to continuously monitor mental health services and supports.

Dates and Locations: 

This Academy includes three days taking place throughout the year and three online webinars. 

Dates and Locations

Webinar Dates

September 24, 2019
Holiday Inn | Stevens Point

November 19, 2019
Holiday Inn | Stevens Point

March 18, 2020
Holiday Inn | Stevens Point

 January 20, 2020
1:30 PM

February 11, 2020
1:30 PM

April 22, 2020
1:30 PM


Cancellation Policy: Full refund of fees will be made on cancellations received 10 days prior to the start of the convention. Following that date, a 40% administrative fee will be retained. There will be no refund for no-shows or cancellations during the event. 

Accessibility: For questions about accessibility or to request special assistance during the event, please contact Kathy Gilbertson at [email protected]. Three weeks advance notice is required to allow us to provide seamless access. If you need to cancel the special request this must be done at least 3 working days prior to the start of the event. See registration cancellation policy for how to cancel your conference registration.