AWSA Webinar: The Best of the Marshall Memo

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Kim Marshall and Jenn David-Lang, recently published the book The Best of the Marshall Memo: Ideas and Action Steps to energize Leadership, Teaching, and Learning.

As a service to our Members, AWSA brings you the Marshall Memo each week. The Memo is designed to keep principals and others very well-informed on current research and best practices in the field. Reading the Marshall Memo provides top-notch professional development and keeps educators on the cutting edge.

The Best of the Marshall Memo is a distillation of high-impact ideas from the first 16 years of the Memo, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Each chapter has 8-10 article summaries on a major topic, followed by solution-oriented professional learning suggestions. This highly practical set of insights, research findings, and strategies will energize leadership, teaching, and learning.

On December 17, 2019 at 1 PM, AWSA will be hosting a webinar with Kim Marshall to highlight the book, explain why these topics are so important for school leaders, and provide tips on how school leaders can use the Marshall Memo most effectively.

The registration fee for this webinar will be $29 and includes a copy of the book