AWSA 2024 Election


The election will open April 15 and close April 30 !

Please select a candidate from your region only. AWSA regions are the same as CESA regions.
If your region is not listed, then the position is not due for election this year. 
Any ballots that select a candidate from more than one region will be discarded.

Slate of Candidates

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Region 2 Co-Director

Jim Pliner
Oregon High School, Oregon School District
Region 2 Director

Teaching Experience: 14 years of teaching experience in the Madison Metropolitan School District, primarily middle school math and science.

Administrative Experience: 8 Years in Madison Metropolitan School District as Assistant Principal and Athletic Director 12 Years in the Oregon School District as Head Principal at Oregon Middle School (3 years) and Oregon High School (9 years)

Highest Degree Attained: Masters Degree in Education and Professional Development (UW-LaCrosse) and a Certification in Educational Leadership from Edgewood College

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA, ASCD, AASA

AWSA Involvement: I've been on the Middle/ High School Advisory Committee for several years.

Statement: I am interested in providing support to the organization and to the good people who do this work across the state. I believe that it is critically important to create spaces where information and approaches can be shared for the benefit of all. I want to advocate for the organization to continue to grow in its impact on professional learning, advocacy, innovation and coaching/mentorship. The work has never been more important or more challenging. I hope to provide energy to the organization that will lead to purposeful and productive support for members.

Region 2 Co-Director

Jorge Avalos
Oregon Middle School, Oregon School District
Region 2 Director

Teaching Experience: 10 years teaching experience in World Languages 6-12.

Administrative Experience: 7 Years of administrative experience 6-12.

Highest Degree Attained: Two M.A.s

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: ASWA, W

AWSA Involvement: Current Board Member

Statement: I want to continue to build strong partnerships among all districts in the state of Wisconsin.

Region 3

Carla Peterson
River Valley Elementary and Early Learning Center, River Valley Schools
Region 3 Director

Teaching Experience: 24 years of teaching second and third grade

Administrative Experience: almost 6 years as principal for River Valley Schools

Highest Degree Attained: Master's Degree obtained in 2000

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA, WSRA

AWSA Involvement: I've participated in Academies, Workshops and the Elementary Principals Conference yearly. This is my second year serving on the Elementary Commission Advisory Committee.

Statement: AWSA has been a key part of my own continued development as an administrator. Being a principal can be a lonely job in a rural district. I found peers and mentorship through AWSA. I would be honored to serve on the Board of Directors in order to help give back to an organization that continues to provide knowledge and guidance to so many educators.

Region 4

Troy White
Superintendent and Special Education Director
Cochrane-Fountain City School District
Region 4 Director

Teaching Experience: Physical Education Teacher and Coach, 08/1999 to 08/2009 Manawa School District, Manawa, WI and Physical Education Teacher, Drivers Education Teacher and Coach, 08/1997 to 06/1999 New Auburn School District, New Auburn, WI

Administrative Experience: Jr/Sr High School Principal, Transportation Director and Director of Instruction, 07/2009 to 06/2011 Manawa School District, Manawa, WI. High School Principal and Director of Instruction, 07/2011 to 6/2022 Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau School District, Galesville, WI, Superintendent and Director of Special Education, 7/2022 to present Cochrane-Fountain City School District.

Highest Degree Attained: Masters of Arts (M.A.) in Educational Leadership Principal, Superintendent & Director of Instruction License

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: Association of Wisconsin School Administrators (AWSA) National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) Viterbo University mentor for the administration master’s program CESA principal network Chamber of Commerce, Galesville, WI

AWSA Involvement: AWSA Board of Directors (2022-present) AWSA Region 4 Cabinet (2016-current) AWSA Professional Concerns Committee (2016-current) "Leading the Big 3" panelist (2015) SLATE Presenter, “ELT with Google Docs” (2014) SLATE Conference (yearly) Secondary School Principal Conferences (yearly) Aspiring superintendent program (2013)

Statement: I welcome the opportunity to continue to broaden my collaborative network, experiences, and potential impact on the educational landscape. To me, education is about the most significant resource in the world, people. I've been fortunate to have worked with some of the greatest people in the world. I think of our guidance counselor, whose unbridled enthusiasm was contagious and who taught me ways to communicate information while maintaining a positive rapport. The grandparent who contacted me daily while she was adopting her grandchildren out of a terrible situation. Her courage and love for those boys reminded me of the empathy needed in dealing with students and families. These and many other interactions have taught me about confidence, being transparent, and how fortunate I am to work with people who help me be a better educator and person every day. We all stand on the shoulders of giants. My giants just happen to be the staff, students, parents, and community that I have been blessed to work alongside for over twenty years. AWSA’s mission is to increase administrators’ effectiveness in equitably promoting the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of all students. As well as our end statements of improving our capacity as effective educational leaders, addressing barriers to success, and positively influencing policymaking, align with my core beliefs.

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Region 7

Phil Hart
Lineville Intermediate School, Howard-Suamico School District
Region 7 Director

Teaching Experience: Elementary Music Teacher, 8 Years - Superior, WI - 2 Years; Hudson, WI - 6 Years

Administrative Experience: Associate Principal, Forest Glen Elementary - 2 Years; Associate Principal, Lineville Intermediate - 2 years; Principal, Lineville Intermediate - 13 years

Highest Degree Attained: Master of Science in Education

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA; NAESP

AWSA Involvement: Elementary Commission - 5 years; BEL Academy, Mastering Academy, Deepening Impact Academy, Aspiring Administrator and Superintendent Workshops

Statement: AWSA has had a tremendous impact on my growth as a school leader. Through my involvement with AWSA I have been able to meaningfully develop my leadership skills, improve learning outcomes at my school, embed a culture of student leadership and learning, and foster deep and meaningful connections with other administrators around the state of Wisconsin. I would be honored to serve on the AWSA Board of Directors to help continue the great work of this organization and to expand these same growth opportunities to as many administrators as possible.

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Region 8

Stuart Russ
Oconto Falls High School
Region 8 Director

Teaching Experience: 6 years - high school social studies and English

Administrative Experience: I am currently in my 10th year as an administrator. Past experience includes work as a high school associate principal (Shawano), middle school principal (Shawano), and high school principal (Wittenberg-Birnamwood).

Highest Degree Attained: Masters

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA

AWSA Involvement: Attendance at AWSA Conferences and Professional Development: Aspiring Administrators, Associate Principals Conference, Managing to Lead, Professional Learning Communities.

Statement: I first came into contact with AWSA when I was looking to get into the field of administration. We are fortunate that our state has such a positive and dynamic organization to support our school administrators. I am excited about the opportunity to continue that support as a member of the AWSA Board of Directors.

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Region 10

Khoua Vang
Locust Lane Elementary, Eau Claire Area School District
Region 10 Director

Teaching Experience: Prior to stepping into my administrative role, I taught for 13 years as a primary grade teacher. I initially started as a first grade teacher and then transitioned to second grade, where I humbly taught for 11 years.

Administrative Experience: 4 years at Locust Lane Elementary School (1 year as Teacher on Special Assignment and 3 years as building principal)

Highest Degree Attained: Masters in Educational Leadership, Masters in Curriculum and Instruction

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA, served as a WAES Board member between 2020-2023

AWSA Involvement: Member

Statement: I am passionate about leadership development and staying informed of important educational issues. Serving on the Board of Directors will provide me opportunities to learn more about educational systems, advocate for educators, and improve academic access for all Wisconsin students.

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Region 11

Brian G. Seguin
Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
School District of the Menomonie Area
Region 11 Director

Teaching Experience: Marketing and Business Education

Administrative Experience: District Level Administrator for the past 13 years, High School Level Administration 6 years

Highest Degree Attained: District Administrator Certification, Masters of Science in Educational Leadership

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA, NASSP, ASCD

AWSA Involvement: AWSA member since 2006. Former member of AWSA District Learning Leadership Committee, and presenter at AWSA conferences.

Statement: As an AWSA member since 2006, I welcome the opportunity to serve the AWSA membership on the Board of Directors. As an organization, AWSA continues to be a leader in providing member support in the areas of ongoing and sustained professional learning, development and advocacy. I look forward to the opportunity of working alongside the membership and AWSA staff in the continuation of this commitment as a member of the Board of Directors.

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Region 12

Kate Tesch
Director of Continuous Improvement and Assessment
School District of Superior
Region 12 Director

Teaching Experience: I have an elementary education teaching license with a mathematics minor. The majority of my six years in teaching were in grades 7th and 8th teaching mathematics in a few districts around the state.

Administrative Experience: I served 11 years as an elementary principal at Bryant Elementary School in Superior and am currently in my fifth year as the Director of Continuous Improvement and Assessment in Superior.

Highest Degree Attained: Masters Degree in Educational Administration

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA, NAESP, NASSP, ASCD, NATP

AWSA Involvement: I have been involved with AWSA since 2008 when I became a principal. I am finishing my second year on the AWSA Board of Directors. I have served on the Elementary Principal Commission, the District Level Leaders Commission and am a trained AWSA Coach.

Statement: I am so proud of the work that my public school colleagues engage in every day throughout the State of Wisconsin. I am passionate about making sure that principals and administrators around the state have access to the highest levels of learning and support through AWSA, especially in the CESA 12 region. The work of school administration is extremely challenging and highly rewarding if we feel supported. Our kids deserve to learn and grow in educational settings surrounded by the most exceptional professional educators and administrators. I am excited to advocate for and continue to support school administrators in our region with my colleagues at AWSA.

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