AWSA 2019 Election


The election will open April 15!

Slate of Candidates
(AWSA Regions are the same as CESA Regions)


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Region 1

Ellis L. Turrentine, Jr.
Directing Principal
Racine Unified School District 

Teaching Experience: Taught 10 years in the Milwaukee Public School District

Primary Teaching Field: 6 Years English Language Arts, 1 Year Math, 2 Years Social Studies/History, 1 Computer Applications 

Administrative Experience: 7 Years Assistant Principal Brown Deer School District,  1 Year Principal Brown Deer School District,  3 Years Principal Racine Unified School District

Highest Degree Attained: Master in Supervision/Administration         

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA, WULI- Wisconsin Urban Leadership Institute  

AWSA Involvement: Assistant Principal Conference Planning Committee, Middle/ High Principal Conference Planning Committee 

Statement: I'm interested in serving on the board, because I feel it  will continue to help me grow as a leader, the only way you can is through experience. Also, I think it will help me build valuable networks and relationships with fellow board members by working together on issues we care about, such as educating all of our students in the state of Wisconsin.


Region 2

Dan Carter
Elementary Principal
Waunakee Community School District  

Teaching Experience: Although I do not have classroom teaching experience, I was a school psychologist for 7 years prior to going into administration.  

Primary Teaching Field: School psychology was my primary area prior to administration.   

Administrative Experience: I served as the Director of Special Education for the Adams-Friendship Area School District for two years.    I served as the Director of Student Support programs for the Waunakee Community School District for four years. I have been in my current role as elementary principal for the past 13 years.  

Highest Degree Attained: Masters Specialist - UW Whitewater   

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA  NAESP

AWSA Involvement: I have served on the elementary conference planning committee, and am currently serving on the executive board.  

Statement: I believe serving on the AWSA board will be a great service leadership opportunity for me to join a group of others to do the continual work on the AWSA’s “Because Leadership Matters” agenda.  My thirteen years experience as a building level administrator, in conjunction with my six years of central office administration experience, make me a well rounded and seasoned administrator who can bring a passion for working with the board and leadership to grow AWSA’s work and membership.  I want to continue to be part of the AWSA board so that we can collectively work to sustain and grow AWSA as the priority resource for administrators. I also want to represent other administrators. I want to be there to listen to you, and be your voice. Although I feel I have experience, passion and work ethic that will allow me to be an effective board member, I am humbled to know that there many things I can grow in as an administrator.  I believe that learning by doing, and learning together, is a powerful way to make a difference and I embrace the opportunity to do that daily.


Region 4

Nicki Pope
Elementary Principal
Camp Douglas, Oakdale and Lemonweir
Tomah Area School District

Teaching Experience: 7 years

Primary Teaching Field: Special Education

Administrative Experience: 8 years

Highest Degree Attained: I have a Master's in Education from the University of Lacrosse, Director of Special Education and Pupil Services from UW-Eau Claire and Principal license from Viterbo. I am also in my last semester for my superintendent certification from UW-Superior.  

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: I have been a member of AWSA since 2005 and a previous member of WCASS. Most recently, I have been a member of NAESP since 2017.  

AWSA Involvement: I have had the privilege of being a member of the AWSA elementary advisory commission for the past 4 years. 

Statement: As a member of the AWSA elementary commission, I have had the opportunity to network with other educational leaders across our state. I have found that we all share a passion for student success and a desire to make a difference in educational system in Wisconsin. This opportunity has allowed me to have crucial conversations regarding the challenges facing our students and our teachers. We share a passion for student success and I feel my background in administration and special education will allow me to serve the Association well.   If elected, I will diligently work toward being an advocate for the CESA 4 region and supporting academic and social emotional initiatives that will prepare our children for the future. 


Region 5

Dr. Jerry Pritzl
Middle School Principal
Poynette School District

Teaching Experience: Middle School Math

Administrative Experience: Principal - Poynette Middle School - 5 years Assistant Principal/Athletic Director - Poynette High School - 3 years

Highest Degree Attained: Doctorate in Educational Leadership Edgewood College (2016)

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA WASCD NASSP

AWSA Involvement:

AWSA Board of Directors - 2016 - current
MS/HS Principal's Commission 2016 - 2017
Presenter at MS/HS Principal's Convention

  • 2018 - Getting Started with Grading for Learning
  • 2016 - Leading Rigor: How Systemic Grading Practices Impact Engagement,
  • Achievement, and Instructional Practice

AWSA member since 2011

Statement: Recent educational research points to the ability of schools to have a significant impact on a student’s learning experience and achievement level. What we do in our schools every day matters for each child. The work we do each minute leads to generational change. Improving the academic success of one child further enriches opportunity for generations to come. The Association of Wisconsin School Administrators (AWSA) works diligently to provide schools with information regarding the ways in which schools can practically take sound educational research and put it into practice. AWSA provides the guidance and support that make it easier to be correct in the daily decisions that lead to more students being successful and more school communities enriched in the culture of growth and excellence. Through my continued participation on the Board of Directors, I hope to further my growth as a leader, while also making meaningful contributions. I would be humbled and honored to contribute in a leadership role to this organization; an organization which not only provides educators with the path to increase student achievement, but also in shaping educational policy for the state of Wisconsin. 


Region 6

Debra Janke
Lomira High School

Teaching Experience: Prior to entering administration, I was a School Counselor for 6 years at Baraboo High School.  

Primary Teaching Field: As a School Counselor I worked very closely with many of the teachers throughout the high school and was encouraged by many to enter the administrative field. 

Administrative Experience: 2 years as an Assistant Principal at Baraboo High School,   4 years as an Elementary Principal in Baraboo, Currently in my 9th year as Lomira High School Principal

Highest Degree Attained: 2 Master's Degrees - School Counseling & Educational Administration,  Superintendency Licensure completed Dec. 2017

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA, NASSP, ASCD, Lions Club International  

AWSA Involvement: Proud member of AWSA for 15 years.  I have served as a representative on the Middle & High School Commission since fall of 2010.

Statement: Public education is, at once, in the worst and best positions we have ever seen in Wisconsin. The rocky roads that we have all had to endure and the batterings that we have had to defend against make our voices so much more politically necessary as administrators right now.  With some political change and the vast majority of our state citizens interested in the funding of public education right now we are on the heals of a beautiful swing back to recognizing how powerful learning opportunities are for all of our children. We have amazing young educators entering this field for all of the right reasons because of the recent storm as well as strong, veteran mentors who continue to inspire our students every day. They defend their post in the most admirable career and I want to have an even greater voice for all of these professionals, our students and everyone who believes in offering the best public education imaginable. I am eager to represent all of our voices and to encourage, design and support forward movement on the path to, once again, making Wisconsin the flagship state for what all excellent public schools across the country should aspire to.   I am proud to represent Wisconsin educators and am eager to do so in this broader capacity.


Region 9

Anita Mattek
Associate Principal
Unified School District of Antigo

Teaching Experience: Six years as Physical education/ Health teacher at the K-6 level.  

Primary Teaching Field: Physical Education and Health 

Administrative Experience: Six years as Associate Principal.  

Highest Degree Attained: Masters in Educational Leadership  

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA member, NASSP member, AWSA Advisory team for Associate Principals  

AWSA Involvement: Advisory team for five years, help organize the Associate Principals Conference, presented at the AP Conference since 2016.  

Statement: As an Associate Prinicpal for about six years, I feel it is a great challenge and honor to branch out and serve the AWSA Board of Directors to help the future of education for all teachers, staff, families and students. Thank you for this opportunity.