AWSA 2020 Election


The election will open April 15 and close April 30!

Slate of Candidates
(AWSA Regions are the same as CESA Regions)

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Region 1

Mike Roemer
Reagan High School, Milwaukee Public Schools 
Region 1 Director 

Teaching Experience: History and Special Education

Administrative Experience: 12 years (3 years AP / 9 years principal)

Highest Degree Attained: Master's Degree

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: NASSP / AWSA / ASCD

AWSA Involvement: I have served on the High School/Middle School committee.

Statement: I look forward to applying my professional experience to the ever changing problems that arise in the educational landscape. 

Region 2

Jennifer Fanning
Kennedy Elementary School, School District of Janesville
Region 2 Director 

Teaching Experience: 17 years elementary education, 5 years teaching 4th grade, 3 years teaching K-5 Talented and Gifted as a resource teacher, 9 years teaching 3rd grade

Administrative Experience: 5 years at principal in Beloit, elementary and intermediate schools, in my 3rd year at Kennedy

Highest Degree Attained: Masters of Art in Teaching, Currently pursuing Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis PHD

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA, NAESP, Janesville Administrator Association (treasurer)

AWSA Involvement: Member of the Elementary Commission Advisory Committee 2017-Current 

Statement: AWSA has been the professional organization that has offered me professional development, professional network and connections, as well as legal counsel.  I take pride in being a part of an organization that is devoted to leading leaders.  I would like to serve on this board to expand my knowledge, networks and give back to the organization that gives so much to other leaders. 

Rainey Briggs
Director of Elementary Education 
Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District
Region 2 Director 

Teaching Experience: 19 years in education. Served as a Cultural Liaison in the Verona Area School district for 4 years. Served as a Physical Education teacher for 3 years in Sun Prairie Area School District.

Administrative Experience: Served as HS assistant principal and Elementary principal in the Sun Prairie Area school district. Served as elementary Principal in the Madison Metropolitan School District. Currently serving as the Director of Elementary Education in the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District. 

Highest Degree Attained: Doctorate

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA, AASA 

AWSA Involvement: I currently serve as an administrative coach for AWSA. I attend many of the workshops and conferences. I'm leading a group of administrators through SAIL. 

Statement: I'm interested in serving on the AWSA board so the continued growth and support for the administrative focus and development has a foundation that continues to lift the level of leadership across the state. 

Region 3

Carmen Burkum
Elementary Principal
Fennimore Community School District
Region 3 Director 

Teaching Experience: I have had several different teaching opportunities:  *5th-grade teacher, Cassville Public Schools 1984-1989  *Coordinator of Gifted and Talented, Title IX, RIF, and testing, Fennimore Community Schools, 1989-1994    *3rd grade teacher with Fennimore Community Schools from 1994-1995  *6th-grade teacher with Fennimore Community Schools from 1995-2009.   

Primary Teaching Field: My primary teaching field has been as a regular upper-elementary classroom.  My last 10 years of teaching included an emphasis in science and English-language arts. 

Administrative Experience: I have served as an administrator in two districts:  *2009-2011 Elementary/Middle School Principal at Southwestern Wisconsin Community Schools.  *2011-present Elementary Principal at Fennimore Community Schools  

Highest Degree Attained: Master's Degree

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA, NAESP, ASCD   

AWSA Involvement: I joined AWSA as an aspiring administrator in 2007 and have continued to be a member since that time.  I served on the AWSA Elementary Principals Commission and as an AWSA principal coach.  Currently, I am finishing my first term on the AWSA Board of directors.

Statement: I am very excited and proud to continue my work with the AWSA Board of Directors.  AWSA has been a great resource and support for me in my work as a building principal.  I have learned so much from taking part in AWSA programs, conferences, training and networking opportunities.  The information, vision, and resources available through AWSA allow me to be a better principal.  I believe that serving others through this organization is an honor and a privilege. 

Region 7

Cindy Olson
Washington Middle School, Green Bay Area Public Schools
Region 7 Director 

Teaching Experience: Special Education teacher in Waukesha Schools and Middleton Cross Plains School District

Administrative Experience: Associate Principal in Madison Schools and Verona.  Principal in Oshkosh and Green Bay

Highest Degree Attained: Masters Degree in Educational Leadership

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA

AWSA Involvement: Active member since 2006 

Statement: I am interested in serving on the Board of Directors to develop my leadership skills and be in touch with thoughtful thinking partners.  My participation on the board helps me grow as a professional and allows me to share my passion to serve the under-served populations in our schools.  

Region 8

Adam DeWitt
Oconto Unified School District
Region 8 Director 

Currently, I serve the Oconto Unified School District as the school leader for four separate schools at the secondary level.  This opportunity has provided a platform to extend my learning well beyond what I thought was possible.  I’m excited to continue serving our students as their building leader and as the Region 8 Director. 

Teaching Experience: Four years at the elementary level, four years at the middle level

Primary Teaching Field: Elementary education with an emphasis in biological science

Administrative Experience: Administrator in a private school, middle school AP, middle school principal, director of curriculum and IT, Co-Director of the CIA at CESA 8

Highest Degree Attained: Masters 

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA, ISTE

AWSA Involvement: Currently serve on the professional concerns committee.

Statement: It is an honor to be considered to serve on the AWSA Board of Directors.  My intention is to represent my region well and to be a lightning rod with pertinent information for other leaders.  Just like teaching, I anticipate that my service will lead to my own personal growth through the fostering of many new relationships.  Many others have invested their time and expertise into my growth and this opportunity provides a platform to give back in a similar fashion.

Region 10

Susan L Kern
Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District
Region 10 Director 

Teaching Experience:

  • 2 years elementary in Pepin,WI
  • 14 years middle school in Eau Claire, WI  

Primary Teaching Field: Elementary/ Middle

Administrative Experience:

  • 10 years, Assistant Principal in Eau Claire, WI
  • 3 years, Principal in Chippewa Falls, WI
  • 2 years, Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment 

Highest Degree Attained: Master of Education, UW-Eau Claire  

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA, ASCD

AWSA Involvement: I served as a member of the  Middle School Principals Commission for three years, have served as a facilitator and presenter at AWSA conferences, and have served on the Board of Directors for the past two years.  

Statement: I am interested in continuing to serve on the AWSA Board of Directors to provide support and voice with regard to the challenges we face as administrators.

Region 11

Sara Eichten
Somerset Middle School Principal
School District of Somerset
Region 11 Director

Teaching Experience: 2 years--New Richmond Middle School (7th Grade)  8 years--Somerset Middle School (5th-7th Grades)

Primary Teaching Field: MS English Language Arts

Administrative Experience: 8 years--Principal at Somerset Middle School

Highest Degree Attained: Master of Arts in Education from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN with an emphasis in Literacy and Learning (2003)    Administrative Certificate (Post-Masters Program)--Hamline University, St. Paul, MN (2007)

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: Member of National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), Association of Wisconsin School Administrators (AWSA)

AWSA Involvement: Member since 2009, Board of Directors member since 2018, Presented a roundtable on “Restorative Practices” at the 2020 MS/HS Convention, Served on the Middle School Principals Commission from 2013-2018, Presented "Leading for Student Achievement" at the Aspiring Administrators Workshop since 2015 and at the same workshop my first-year reflections in 2011, Presented at the K-12 AWSA Convention while still teaching our district's teacher evaluation system (2006)

Statement: AWSA has been an integral part of my professional career since before I became an administrator. I found the Aspiring Administrators and New Building Administrators Conference Series invaluable to my success as a principal. The immediate and lasting professional and personal connections I have made through this organization keep me afloat when I am struggling and inspire me to continue improving my practice. It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors for an organization that serves our youth by supporting the professional growth of leaders throughout Wisconsin. 

Region 12

David Scholz
School District of Phillips
Region 12 Director

Teaching Experience: 17 years teaching kindergarten, 2 years teaching kindergarten & 3rd grade as a SAGE teacher, 3 years summer school coordinator

Primary Teaching Field: Elementary

Administrative Experience: Currently in my 7th year as the elementary school principal for Phillips School District.

Highest Degree Attained: Masters in Collaborative Leadership

Professional Association Memberships/Affiliations: AWSA, ASCD

AWSA Involvement: Serviced 2 years on AWSA's Elementary Commission Advisory Committee, currently serving on the AWSA’s Board of Directors

Statement: I've enjoyed my past experience as a member of the Elementary Commission Advisory Committee working with our colleagues to make our Elementary Principal’s Conference a great place to colloborate with friends while getting meaningful professional development. Currently serving on the AWSA Board of Directors has been another outstanding experience and I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve our members. Thank you.