December 2nd Edition

AWSA Update: You and Your Contract

Most likely a result of Wisconsin’s statutory administrative contract renewal timelines, December is a natural time for school and district leaders to take stock of their current employment contract and their future needs.  School leaders enter the profession to make a positive impact for students, and school districts want to provide the conditions for that to occur. The contract lays out the shared goals of both the leader and the district. We hope you find the following articles and resources helpful.

Developing a Win-Win Administrative Contract

The contract lays out the shared goals of both the leader and the district. These shared goals include stability, comparability, and growth. Read More.

Key Administrative Contract Deadlines Approaching

Wisconsin law requires school boards to contract with administrators, in writing, as well as to comply with specific contract renewal and non-renewal procedures and deadlines.  This Update will cover the essentials of Wisconsin’s administrator contract law and the steps you need to take to protect your contract rights. Read More.

2020-21 Professional Issues Report Released

Every two years AWSA conducts the Professional Concerns Survey. The survey results provide answers to questions ranging from liability coverage districts provide to personal contributions toward health insurance to policies related to tuition reimbursement.  The results are compiled with statewide and regional salary information in AWSA’s Professional Issues Report. We are grateful to Horace Mann for sponsoring this report. Click here for the AWSA 2020-21 Professional Issues Report

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