December 13th Edition 

AWSA Update

AWSA Update: You and Your Contract

Most likely a result of Wisconsin’s statutory administrative contract renewal timelines, December is a natural time for school and district leaders to take stock of their current employment contract and their future needs.  School leaders enter the profession to make a positive impact on students, and school districts want to provide the conditions for that to occur. The contract lays out the shared goals of both the leader and the district. We hope you find the following articles, alerts, and resources helpful.

What Does it Take to Terminate Your Contract?

What is required to terminate your employment contract? Termination language is among the most important aspects of a contract, and it’s essential to know what standard is included in your agreement.  Read more here.

Annual Notice on Administrator Contract Renewal/Nonrenewal 

Wisconsin law requires school boards to contract with administrators in writing and comply with specific contract renewal and non-renewal procedures and deadlines.  This Update will cover the essentials of Wisconsin’s administrator contract law and the steps you need to take to protect your contract rights. Read more here.

Developing a Win-Win Administrative Contract

The contract lays out the shared goals of both the leader and the district. These shared goals include stability, comparability, and growth. Read more here.

Career Center

AWSA’s Career Center provides you with the information you need to grow in this profession, including:

10 Years and Counting: Points to Consider as You Approach Retirement 

When you begin to ponder all the issues surrounding the transition, the process can seem downright daunting. However, thinking about a few key points now, while you still have years ahead, can help you focus your efforts and minimize the anxiety that often accompanies the shift. Read more here.